Unique Facebook News Feed Strategy to Triple Your Leads and Sales

We write favorable reviews about your brand and publish positive news stories on global news publications. We then pay to promote them on your Facebook News Feed. These types of ad buys are particularly effective because they resonate with people scrolling through social feeds, showing content that people want to read coming from a credible source. Client achieve a 3x improvement in sales utilizing this technique and we’d love to show you the way.

Baden Bower Google Ads specialist
Baden Bower Google Ads specialist

Using Facebook to build Trust & Credibility

Our 3rd party reviews about your brand and positive news stories make an impactful impression against your target audience.  Our impartial, unbiased 3rd party reviews are used to build trust and credibility for your brand on Facebook, allowing you to double or triple your sales.

Social Media Marketing Taken To The Next Level

We allow you to promote amazing news about your brand to relevant Facebook audiences, helping you generate more leads & sales. 

Reviews & Testimonials

Our 3rd party reviews are comprehensive and showcase your brand in the most favorable light possible.

Stand Out On Facebook

Paying to promote news stories on Facebook is the Ad World’s newest tactic.

Trust & Credibility

When a news story on a credible news site proclaims your unique selling propositions, potential clients are much more likely to believe the claims, resulting in more leads and sales than you’ve ever had before

A better mousetrap

We have developed a better way of advertising through these channels than the existing alternatives and we hope to offer more value to our target market and in time replace the old way of doing things.

3rd Party Reviews Sell Your Brand Better Than You Can Yourself

Google Adwords and Facebook are the dominant digital channels online. The vast majority of our clients utilise the channels in the first person. None of your competitors are currently utilizing the strategy of promoting a 3rd party testimonial or news story and that is why we will give you an edge.  We achieve publicity and promote it at the point of maximum intent, when consumers are searching for products, services, brands and their competitors through Facebook. 

New Incremental Demand

Our 3rd party reviews and news stories published on global news sites make the most of Facebook. Brands are trusted more when they appear on respected news sites, and clients believe third party reviews more than brands’ own claims. 


We allow you to rank ahead of your competitors on Facebook. Our marketing strategy allows advertisers to convince their potential clients they truly are the best of their alternatives. 

Growth - $1,500

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Professional - $2,000

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Enterprise - $2,500

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Power of a 3rd Party Testimonial

Part of our magic is that we create new, incremental demand for advertisers by allowing them to double their spend on channels that are already proven.

Let’s Make Awesome Things, Together.

Our bespoke articles highlight the unique selling propositions & benefits of your company, products and services. By promoting these articles in the Facebook News Feed, we generate new incremental demand.

30 - 500% Increases in Conversion Rates For Your Biggest Money Makers

Aside from getting your optimizing your current Facebook account, our reviews and news stories published on global news sites convert more of the traffic into sales or leads. 

Gain Access to More Sales Now

With instant onboarding, your products, services or brand will immediately begin to receive double the attention from prospective consumers. Whatever you decide to spend with us, we take a simple fee for running your campaigns.

Strategic Facebook Promotion Like You've Never Seen

We work with top performing companies across the world. Tap into our network and expand your sphere of influence that will benefit you for years to come.

No Long Term Contracts. No Percentage Of Spend

No Lock In Contracts, Pay By The Month. To completely align incentives, we get paid only when you spend to promote our article. Once you’re comfortable that we don’t only promote positive news ( we call out what sucks too!), you pay only for what you consume plus our fee.

Get Your News Stories Appearing In Your Customer's Facebook News Feed.

Our bespoke articles highlight the unique selling propositions & benefits of your company, products or services. While impartial (we often call out the negatives or “cons”), these articles generate new incremental demand by doubling your presence through digital channels that already convert.

Grow Sales Like Dynamite

Part of our magic is that we create new, incremental demand for advertisers by allowing them to double their spend on channels that are already proven.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to increase your revenue and ROI, then Baden Bower would like to show you a proven strategy that you might not have tried before. 

Facebook is one of the most effective places to promote your business and we specialize in promoting reviews we write about your brand to drive profitable growth and reach moire of your most desirable customers.

Facebook ads don’t work if they are not correctly executed and our proven method showcases positive news about your brand, helping tell your story through an impartial lens. 

When done correctly, Facebook ads can be the most powerful lead generation and customer acquisition platform on the planet. 

Through effective use of 3rd party reviews and news stories about your brand, we can make Facebook generate a substantial new flow of customers. 

We guarantee we can beat any Facebook management agency, marketer or traffic expert anywhere. We’ll improve your results by at least 30% above your current performance, or we’ll work for an extra 90 days without being paid a cent. 

When you hire in-house, you’re hiring one person who may become a single point of failure. 

When you hire an agency like Baden Bower, you’re hiring an entire team of experts with a multitude of skills across hundreds of niches, with combined years of experiences running Facebook Ads. 

The correct answer is really how much can you spend to generate a 2-3x return on your marketing dollars. 

Our unique strategy is not something promoted by any other Facebook agency. Not only can we write and publish reviews and news stories about your brand, but we can deliver those stories to your customers on their favorite social media platform. An aside from anything else, if we don’t beat your current performance by 30% within 3 months, we’ll work for another 3 months entirely for free. 

Paying Facebook to promote a favorable review of your brand is an absolute killer strategy that works much better than 1st person advertising.  For advertisers looking for social media momentum, Facebook boosting is an easy way to market their products. And even better, they can convey their message with a shareable news article that doesn’t appear to be an advertisement — because it isn’t.

By credit card, wire transfer or EFT upfront. There are no lock-in contracts. 

Articles usually stay up for months or years, but in some cases publishers decide to remove them after publication. Provided we succeed in publishing your news story, there will be no refund if the story is removed

Refunds do not apply, but you can cancel anytime. If we fail to achieve what we promise, we will work for a further 90 days without payment. 

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