How Alive and Free Consulting is Helping People Heal from the Past and Live in the Present

Emotional and psychological trauma happens as a result of stressful events that disrupt your sense of security and leave you feeling defenseless in a distressing environment. It might leave you dealing with lingering negative feelings, memories, and anxieties. It can also make you feel numb and distant from those around you.

Sammi and Spencer Robbins believe that anyone can overcome these traumas, but it would take a lot of time and a long process.

In order to help people cope with these emotional wounds, they began a consulting company called Alive and Free Consulting. They aim to help people encounter God for deep emotional healing that leads to coaching and impacting others into breakthroughs.

One of their clients, Tiana from Los Angeles, shared how her experience was with the consultation process. For her, every lesson and discussion has truly helped her set a more firm foundation for her emotional health.

“The heart of A&F shines through in every piece of their curriculum, content, and live discussion. I felt nothing but the genuine intention with God at the center, and it was clear all of the coaches were in this work because they believe in it and want to see healing for their clients,” Tiana said.

According to Sammi and Spencer, who are both consultants, a lot of what they do is inspired by the breakthrough they’ve received. Most of the tools they use in the process are also based on their personal experiences.

“We both really care about authenticity. We both really care about integrity. So the things that we teach and coach on are things that we’ve personally conquered in our lives,” Sammi said.

Sammi added that one of the approaches that they take is to get to the root cause of the emotional pain and heal what has been causing the trauma.

“A lot of what we do in being alive and free is getting to the root of pain and root of behaviors and why we do what we do and applying love and compassion to those places in your behavior,” Sammie added.

Several clients are happy and satisfied with how Alive and Free Consulting helped them with their personal struggles like anxiety, self-hate, fear of becoming vulnerable around people, and more.

One client wrote, “I needed something to help me heal and learn how to live free from my past and learn how to be me. I’ve become so self-aware and worked through so much trauma, and I don’t have PTSD from my ex-husband anymore. I’ve grown so much.” Natalie, also one of their clients, said that she has learned to become more confident and to stand up for what she really believes in.

“I’ve learned so much about owning my voice, not letting the voice of shame take up space, not being afraid of conflict and confrontation, communicating bravely, and loving myself the way God does,” says Natalie.

Since the start of their program, Sammi and Spencer, together with their team, have already reached over 5,000 clients around the US.

To spread more awareness and allow more people to access consultation and healing, Alive and Free Consulting are also helping other coaches launch their own coaching programs by using a lean start model.

“We want to see 1,000 emotional health coaches successfully launch their own coaching businesses to help people with emotional health that is faith-based,” Taylor Robbins, chief operations officer of A& F, said.

Visit their website to learn more about Alive and Free Consulting and to be a part of their program.

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