Why Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments Ranked #1 in the US for Affordable Land For Sale

The real estate industry has been experiencing an upsurge in the past couple of years, with the competition becoming incredibly stiff even with drastic increases in the interest rates set by the Federal Reserve. Ironically, land company Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments points out there are 1.9 billion acres of land across the country, more than enough for every single person to own a parcel.

Despite this, buyers scramble to close deals and beat each other in a bidding war. The problem is the tedious paperwork, and the rising interest rates and costs prevent many buyers from successfully purchasing a property. As a result, many turn to land companies and seller-backed financing as alternative solutions. This helps people circumvent the rigorous process of mortgage application and the strict debt-to-income ratio required by traditional lenders and banks.

While many firms have started to offer owner-financing plans, most buyers still struggle to close deals and purchase a property. This is because some companies still conduct credit checks against buyers to ensure they won’t default on the loans. It’s a requirement born out of necessity as most companies that offer this arrangement carry mortgages on properties that the buyers must pay monthly. Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments is able to dodge this issue as it owns all properties in its listings. This means it can freely set the price and terms to match the paying capacity of its buyers.

The company has also managed to simplify the buying process and skip the laborious process that comes with property acquisition. Buyers can purchase the properties they’ve set their sights on through the company’s website by clicking the land they want to buy and submitting their down payment through a credit card. The company will then send the contract within two to three business days, indicating details of the property and the financing terms. Every step of the process is done online, and the company doesn’t conduct credit checks and charge interests and extra fees, making purchasing easy for the buyers.

Many of the company’s clients have purchased their lands with a monthly payment plan as low as $100 a month with no additional down payment required—the price most households pay for a week’s worth of groceries.

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