Guaranteed Publicity

We provide a revolutionary way to boost your brand and build trust with your audience. Our guaranteed news stories are immediately published on some of the biggest news sites in the world, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo, Apple News, Associated Press, Marketwatch, CEO Weekly, Digital Journal, Fox, & More.  

Instant Editorial Coverage

This service is a world first and will give you a competitive edge unparalleled in your industry. 

Promote your brand on the biggest news sites in the world

 “As Featured On Business Insider, Bloomberg, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Associated Press, Apple News, Marketwatch & Fox” will instantly improve your sales conversion rate & provide social proof for your business.  

Money Back Guarantee

If we fail to deliver coverage or publication of your news story as promised, we’ll refund you with no questions asked. 


1 News Story

1 news story written & published monthly

3 News Stories

$900 each ($2,700)
3 news stories published monthly 

5 News Stories

$800 each ($4,000)
5 news stories published monthly

Dominate Google With Indexed News Stories

We have selected news sites that guarantee publication, have high domain authority, follow links and allow posting of multimedia like images or videos. 

Publicity Achieved For Our Clients

Click on the logos below to see the PR we have achieved for clients.  We have also received extensive reviews online for our hard work

How It Works

“Get featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Fox, Apple News, Marketwatch.” Constant, monthly news stories helping you rank consistently in Google News. 

We come up with the angles

We set out headlines and topics we can write about you or your brand, its unique selling propositions and what makes you great.

Guaranteed publication of your news stories

Instant publication of your news stories on our huge network of news websites. Your stories are guaranteed to rank in Google news

Use the logos from the Global News Sites to build credibility

Once published, we will email you a PDF that includes all the links where you’ve been published. You can add these links to your website or blog.

Publicity Insights

Let's Get Down To Business

Instantly Appear On The World's Best News Sites

Our unique service offers guaranteed publication of unique articles on global news sites every month. The backlinks are extra rocket fuel, helping propel your website to the next level of performance. 

This is a great way to improve your back-link profile, brand visibility and generate trust and credibility, but more importantly, earn massive social proof and build trust with your customers.

Cumulatively these sites have 10 million visitors per month or more. This is a great way to improve your brand visibility and generate good quality links to your website (a must-have for SEO), but more importantly, earn massive social proof and build trust with your customers.

Trust Levels Through The Roof!

Build credibility by adding “As Featured On” to whatever communication you want.

Social Media

Always In The News

Since using BadenBower, our lead volume has doubled. Makes a big difference when your start-up can boast that you’ve appeared on Apple News & Marketwatch. Has helped new customers trust us in a very competitive market. 

Steffie, COO, BruntWork

How We Help Build Your Business & Boost Brand Authority

Check out the 3 massive benefits about giving your brand the “BadenBower” treatment.

Build trust & credibility

The phrase “As Featured On Forbes, Bloomberg & Associated Press” is more powerful than you think. And, it can help convince customers that your product or service is noteworthy & famous helping a higher proportion of prospects to convert to sale.

Get ranked on Google

Just check the power of high domain authority links instantly appear when you google your business.  Once published, Google will index the back link of the articles which all improves your SEO ranking.

New visitors

Articles published with us usually get over 150 visits in the 1st day, and thousands over weeks. This is incremental organic traffic and who doesn’t want that?

Real Deal Testimonials

"70% uplift in conversion from click to lead"

These logos improved our on-site conversion rate for our Google Ads landing pages. It’s impossible to generate PR for bunding. Its not really a newsworthy product. I wanted the “As Featured On” section on my homepage, and Baden Bower made it possible. 

Adam Pisk, Best Bunding

Frequently Asked Questions

All options includes your choice of access to all publications in our Global News List. However, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Associated Press, Benzing and others require a monthly subscription. Please see all FAQs before purchasing as these FAQs govern the terms of our relationship. 

We have a team of highly credentialed and experienced writers and editors, however sometimes aligning expectations between our team and your brand causes friction. We send a questionnaire after payment is received to give us some background about what you want us to write, how you want it written and we will try our best in every case.

Our clients usually pick an attention grabbing topic about their business. If you’re not sure, you can always reach out to us for help. We have a great team that have experience in getting more eyeballs onto articles. 

This happens from time to time, and the solution is always to simply let us know the changes you want to the news story by communicating them directly to us. We will always share the news stories with you in an editable format. You are free to change the article, make edits or change links as you like.

Our writing service is limited to one draft and one round of edits for each news story. If you want us to start again, fees apply. Please note that if you rewrite the article, or insert changes directly into the article, you will not be charged anything further.

No. Most do but some don’t. If each article is unique, then they will rank, but if one article is syndicated to other websites, usually only 1 instance of the story will appear in Google News.  There are strategies to help get multiple links to rank in Google, but you will need to integrate the links and logos into your website in a search engine friendly manner. We can advise on this after you receive our press publication report.

1) The title of your press release should be minimum 6-8 words (excluding prepositions and articles).
Here the guidelines in writing the headline for reference:

– The headline must include the company’s name or the name of the spokesperson / author.  
– The headline can’t contain personal pronouns (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, You, Your, Them, Their, etc.). 
– The headline can’t contain an exclamation point.- The headline should be a minimum 6-8 words (excluding prepositions and articles)
– The headline can’t contain quotes.
– The headline should not sound like the headline of an advert. Discounts/pricing details and product specifications can be added in the Sub headline or article’s body.

2) The article can’t be written in the first or second person voice. First person (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, etc.) and second person (You, Your, etc.) voices are not considered newsworthy, except in quotations.

3) The articles cannot mention BadenBower in the headline or body copy or denigrate our reputation or good-standing. 

Its quick. If you give us your article, it is usually 2-5 business days. If we write the article, it can be 2-10 business days. 

You will have a report that contains the logo of each website (ie Apple News, Marketwatch, Fox etc) along with the relevant link, but please note our service is paid promotion and the websites usually prevent users from searching for the articles themselves without having a direct link to the article. What most customers do is link the logos and articles from their homepage, landing pages, contact page and social media to increase trust and credibility and this is what we recommend you do too.

By credit card, wire transfer or EFT or USDT if you want to pay in cryptocurrency. News stories are charged monthly, although you can cancel anytime before the next billing period. There are no lock-in contracts. 

Articles usually stay up for months or years, but in some cases like with Marketwatch and Fox publishers decide to remove them within 3 months of publication. Provided we succeed in publishing your news story, there will be no refund if the story is removed

The upgrade to Yahoo Finance refers to one news story only, which must be written in the style of a press release announcing a corporate milestone, notable hire or other achievement. There are special editorial requirements that apply. For example, you cannot be promoting an individual or blockchain project for example. If you are not in a position to meet those requirements, we will replace your Yahoo Finance upgrade with CEO Weekly. 

We have access to, Forbes Monaco, Forbes India and Forbes Zone Magazine (Onine Edition).  Forbes refers to one news story only in Forbes Zone Magazine (online edition), not Forbes Monaco, Forbes India or Publication on, Forbes Monaco and Forbes India are all available as an extra upgrade and further fees apply. If you are interested in accessing other Forbes assets, please speak to our sales team and further charges will apply

The upgrade to The Guardian refers to, and will be published natively, without sponsorship or affiliation. 

Refunds are only considered if we fail to publish your news story or news stories, if you have paid for more than 1, or if some other arrangement applies, if we fail to publish where we indicate. If we engage with you, write articles in an attempt to publish and you do not provide sign-off, or fail to provide edits that you are happy to publish within 7 days of a draft article being submitted to you, you are not eligible for a refund. If we engage with you in good faith, and you hide information about your business or person and a publication won’t publish because of an active criminal or civil case which was not known to us at the time of engagement, we will publish your story on alternate news sites that are more tolerant of companies and individuals before the courts. If this is the case, you are not entitled to a refund, but we will publish the number of news stories purchased, but on alternate news sites. 

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