Baden Bower Works Across Hundreds of Industries

Baden Bower is not a traditional PR Agency. We believe the traditional public relations model is broken with clients tricked into paying monthly retainers for no results.  Our unique model guarantees publication, for every story we write, or your money back. 

Some of the industries we work across

Tech PR for startups is a type of public relations that helps startups to promote and market their products or services. This can include developing and executing marketing campaigns, writing press releases, and working with media outlets to get coverage for the startup. Tech PR can also help startups to connect with investors and customers, and to build relationships with other startups in the tech industry.

Fintech PR is the use of public relations and marketing techniques to promote financial technology companies and products. Financial technology, or fintech, is a rapidly growing industry that uses technology to provide financial services and products. Fintech PR can help financial technology companies to reach a wider audience and build brand awareness. It can also help to position companies and products as innovative and forwardthinking. 

Financial PR is the practice of communicating with the financial community on behalf of a client. This includes activities such as investor relations, media relations, and analyst relations. Financial PR practitioners work to build relationships with the financial community and to ensure that their client‘s message is communicated effectively.

Consumer Tech Publicity

Consumer tech publicity is the process of generating media coverage for consumerfacing technology products and services. This can include everything from writing press releases and pitching stories to reporters to organizing media events and product demos. The goal is to generate positive media coverage that will ultimately help to drive sales and grow the business.


B2B Publicity is a form of marketing that is specifically geared towards businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. This can include anything from online ads and social media posts to press releases and targeted email campaigns. The goal of B2B Publicity is to generate awareness and interest in a company‘s products or services among potential buyers.

Book Publicity Services

Baden Bower’s book publicity services help authors promote their books. This can include creating and executing marketing plans and media appearances. We write reviews and publish them in globally recognized news publications, helping get the word out about your new book or novel.

Healthtech & Medtech PR

Healthtech or medtech PR is a type of public relations that focuses on the promotion of health and medical technologies. This can include everything from new medical devices to health apps and more.

Global & International PR

Baden Bower has helped clients from almost every country with global publicity – the promotion of products, services, or ideas through the media to a global audience.

Retail PR

One of our favorites – retail public relations is a field of public relations that focuses on promoting and marketing retail products and services. Retailers use a variety of marketing and public relations tactics to reach their target audiences and boost sales and Baden Bower amplies their messaging to ensure that positive news stories get featured in massive, global news publications. Common retail public relations activities include developing marketing campaigns, organizing promotional events, conducting market research, and managing media relations.

Internet of Things PR is the public relations strategy that focuses on promoting the benefits of the Internet of Things. This may include discussing the potential of the technology, showcasing how businesses are using it, and highlighting the benefits it can bring to consumers and society as a whole.

Baden Bower has helped hundreds of de-fi and NFT projects reach a wide audience, ensuring discord communities get built out and Google indexes projects strongly to create FOMO and interest in new or established projects. 

Music PR

Music publicity is the process of creating and managing a public image for a musician or band. This can include managing media relations, coordinating promotional campaigns, and organizing the publication of reviews of a singer’s work through globally recognized news sites.

Fashion PR

Baden Bower loves promoting fashion brands. Fashion PR is the public relations work that is done to promote fashion designers, their work, and their brands.

Sports & Athlete PR

Sport and athlete public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the public image and reputation of a sports team or individual athlete. This can include managing media relations, dealing with crisis situations, and promoting the athlete or team through positive stories and news coverage.

Small Business PR

Baden Bower doesn’t take a one size fits all approach to small business publicity. There is no single answer to this question as the termsmall business pr can mean different things to different people. Generally speaking, small business pr is any type of public relations or marketing efforts undertaken by a small business to promote itself and its products or services. This can include activities such as creating and distributing press releases, holding events or media briefings, and using social media to generate buzz and interest.

Artist & Entertainment PR Services

Baden Bower helps artists, entertainers, influencers and everyone in between. Publicity for artists is a process of generating awareness and interest in an artist or their work. This can be done through various means such as media relations, press releases, social media, and other marketing efforts.

The lifeblood of any high tech company is publicity. Getting your company’s name in the press is essential to generate interest and create buzz. But how do you go about getting press coverage? Keep your pitch short and sweet. Editors and reporters are busy people. They don’t have time to read a long, drawn-out pitch. Get to the point and explain why your company is newsworthy. Baden Bower specializes in publicity for companies and firms with a high tech product or service offering, so get in touch.


Our writers are savvy, we don’t need much. We only require 3 things from you: your website url (if you have one), the topic of the article you want us to write about, and maybe 1-3 quotes that best describe your business. We’ll take it from there. We’ll send a draft to you for your review once completed.

Yes, we send a version of the article before it’s published. We allow 2 rounds of revisions or unlimited revisions depending on the package you purchase. 

You do have the option to reach out to each news channel and station yourself individually, but this is time consuming and most individuals don’t get their articles published because they typically only work with clients who have agreements in place with them to publish content (this usually involves provide a bulk number of articles per month). It takes clients a long time (years) to build a network as wide as ours from nothing.

It can be anything from a new product/service and their features and USP’s or a general news update about your company. If you’re not sure what to write about, we can help you select an appropriate news worthy topic, just get in touch. 

If you write the article yourself it can take 2-4 days to publish the article to our network. If we are chartered with writing an article on your behalf, it can take an additional y 2-3 days. 

Expect your article to be published on their site, but its not usually on a main page. However, if you Google the article it will show indexed on the news outlets site.

This depends on the selected package you purchase, refer to our pricing page or reach out to us for more specifics on which channels your article will be published on. 

– The article can be be between 200-500 words.

– The article must have no more than 1 outbound link per every 100 words.

– Headlines must include the company’s name.

– Do not write the article  like a sales pitch, make it sound neutral/informational.

– The headline cannot contain any personal pronouns (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’, etc).

– Do not anywhere in the article contain first person or second person voices (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘your’ etc).

– Have a specific topic, no general articles allowed (if this is not clear reach out to us)

– Omit & avoid bullet point lists and fragmented texts, these are not be accepted by news outlets.

– Must be in English.

– You may include 1 image if you like, this could be your logo or a featured image. Images are always uploaded separately to your article.

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