Previously Undiscovered Method To Double Your Leads & Sales, Guaranteed.

We get you published on the leading news sites globally, integrate the logos on your website and split test the results to generate a minimum 30% uplift in conversion rate. We work page by page through your website, publishing news stories about every product/service so that every page is optimized to the highest possible degree. 

SEO Agency
SEO Agency

Profitably Dominate Any Market With Blinding Speed

Baden Bower is a Conversion Rate Optimization Agency with a Difference. There are lots of people out there who’ve joined the CRO service bandwagon. If this is the case, then we like to think we’re driving the bus.


We Guarantee To Beat Your Best Converting Landing Page

Expert CRO services, industry-leading A/B testing strategies, and an exceptional agency experience.

Publication of News Stories

We publish flattering, complementary news stories about your brand. Bold claims, headlines that convert, and backed up by some of the most recognized logos in the online journalistic sphere. The integration of the logos on your website never fail to increase conversion rate if done according to our method.

Logos Integrated With A Hand Selected Headline

Once we have the links to your articles, we integrate the logos onto your landing pages to give your website homepage and inner pages immediate trust and credibility. Customers like to transact with the leading company in your industry and our news articles establish this fact without equivocation. 

Conversion Rate Goes Boom!

The careful integration of the logos, together with an accompanying headline hand selected from the news stories we publish allow your online page to shine from a conversion rate optimization standpoint. Clients report up to 50% improvement in landing page conversion rate. 

A better mousetrap

We have developed a better way of constructing a landing page and a method to infuse your website with trust and credibility. Through A/B and multi-variate testing, we can guarantee an improvement in conversion rate at a statistical level of significance. 

Logos of Global News Sites Are Rocket Fuel For On-Site Conversion

Media coverage doesn’t, and shouldn’t, live in a vacuum. In order to get the most out of your hard-fought coverage (which we guarantee or your money back), you need to leverage all of the tools and channels available. Each media launch and coverage will be different, too, giving you the opportunity to flex some different muscles and see what works best for you and your brand.

New Incremental Demand

Smart brands can use media coverage to build long-term value across channels, turning a one-time awareness boost into new customers and increase your conversion rate.  


We allow you to dramatically increase conversion rate, drive customer loyalty AND build even greater awareness for your brand and high-quality products. Our marketing strategy allows advertisers to convince their potential clients they truly are the best of their alternatives. 

Growth - $2,000

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Professional - $3,500

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Enterprise - $5,000

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Power of Trust & Credibility

Our clients enjoy guaranteed uplifts in conversion rate, generating new leads and sales with minimal effort. 

Let’s Make Awesome Things, Together.

Our bespoke articles highlight the unique selling propositions & benefits of your company, products and services. By promoting these articles on your website, product and service pages, contact us page, about us page, social media, paid search and on-site content, clients generate up to 50% improvement in conversion rate to new client or sale. 

30 - 500% Increases in Conversion Rates For Your Biggest Money Makers

Our news stories & reviews published on global news sites convert more of the traffic into sales or leads. 

Gain Access to More Sales Now

With instant onboarding, your products, services or brand will immediately begin to receive double the attention from prospective consumers. Whatever you decide to spend with us, we take a simple fee for running your campaigns.

Landing Pages

The first step is to make sure that you have a landing page built out for the product, service, event, etc. that you are promoting. You’d be surprised at how many businesses go to market without creating a dedicated landing page. This gives one central landing page for you and the media to drive traffic to. Plus, landing your media placements here will help to build your SEO authority.

Once you’ve got the page built out, we will optimize it with information from your media hits and awards. This info will provide an independent 3rd party validation for your brand and product and reinforce positive consumer reviews, which will lead to a higher likelihood of conversion, whether it is online, in-store, or while users are conducting product research


The next level out from your product page is your homepage. We design ways to showcase your publicity wins here. Most homepages see lots of traffic, utilize media placements to highlight a product, create awareness and help legitimize your brand and products.

Over the first 90 days, we come up with some new homepage designs, testing them against your incumbent page to work out the winning page from a conversion rate standpoint. 

Our clients always enjoy some type of uplift from the work we do – the luckiest have seen a 2x or 3x improvement in homepage conversions. 

Pro Tip: If you provide an external link to an article, ALWAYS open it in a new window.

SEO Content

Ready to take it to the next step? Going in-depth with content can drive organic traffic, helping you optimize your website for search engines.  As the owner and creator of a product, you have a leg up on the competition, so there’s no reason that you should not own the search results surrounding your product and brand. To capitalize, make sure that your landing page has the depth and detail to make it stand out as the go-to resource for your product. 

Create a landing page with details about the product, technology, and recent coverage, include a pull quote and imagery from the article the award/product was featured in

Use a mix of internal and external links (remember to open them in a new browser window)

Grow Sales Like Dynamite

While high-powered media coverage is great, the key to boosting conversion rates are the skilful integration of logos throughout your website with clear headlines to generate outsized gains in conversion rate to lead/sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing a website to convert a higher number of users into buyers or enquiries. When you put your website online, users come but bounce if they can’t find what they need immediately or if they don’t trust what they see. 

Most websites have a commercial goal, being a product sale, or lead enquiry is the website describes a range of services. 

You will never get every website to complete that goal but you will get some people taking the action you want them to. The number of people who take the action you want to versus the number o0f people who visit can be calculated together to get a percentage. 

Lifting that percentage can be done easily with Baden Bower’s proven CRO method of guaranteed news publications together with the integration of those logos on your key pages. 

It’s a money making, ROI driving strategy to bring you more business.

Are you overwhelmed from the number of clients reaching out to you or sales generated from your website? If no, then you need someone (like us) that can drive an uplift in conversion rate so you can generate more business without spending more on Google and Facebook Ads. 

In general, anything above 2% is good (not great). 

Some of the best conversion rates can be up around 20%, some of the worst can hover slightly above zero. 

Typically a conversion rate of 5% for e-commerce or 15% for a leads based business is great. 

We have tons of experience helping clients achieve conversion rates at these levels. 

Most likely yes. In the world of online marketing, traffic is a commodity. You can buy traffic via Google or Facebook Advertising and optimize for traffic via SEO. 

However this is all in vain if you don’t turn that traffic into profitable sales. 

This is where we can assist with conversion rate optimization. 

Imagine you sell a $100 product through a Shopify store. Your current website converts at 1% (meaning of all the visitors that come to your website, only 1% of them buy your product). You want more customers so you pay $1,000 for 1,000 people to visit your website. Of those 1,000 people, only 10 people buy the product. So you’ve made $1,000. But you’ve only broken even on your advertising spend, and we’re guessing that $100 sales price point is not all profit. So technically you’re running at a loss and you’re probably hjesitant to spend more money to bring more people (more traffic) to your website.

But what if your conversion rate was 5%. You’d still spend $1,000 to bring 1,000 people to your website, but instead of making $1,000 you’ll make $5,000. Now that’s more like it! With a 5% conversion rate and a 5x return on your advertising spend, you can start scaling up your ad spend, bring more traffic to your website and start dominating your industry.

Conversion rate optimization starts at $2,000, but if you want to do more we have packages to suit mid-sized and enterprise businesses. 

If you have an existing campaign we aim for a 30% increase in conversion rate. If you are running a new campaign we aim for a conversion rate of at least 3-4% (dependent on the industry). 

The short answer to this question is yes for sure. Good conversion rate optimization results in increased user metrics on your website, which can be a strong signal to Google, telling it that your website is creative a positive user experience and is valuable. This can increase rankings. Additionally if you have traffic on your website from SEO, PPC or Facebook Advertising, utilizing our conversion rate optimization agency is the key to taking full advantage of that traffic and turning users into buyers. 

By credit card, wire transfer or EFT upfront. There are no lock-in contracts. 

Articles usually stay up for months or years, but in some cases publishers decide to remove them after publication. Provided we succeed in publishing your news story, there will be no refund if the story is removed

Refunds do not apply, but you can cancel anytime. If we fail to achieve what we promise, we will work for a further 90 days without payment. 

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