Unconventional New Way To Rank On Page 1 of Google

We have pioneered a surprisingly effective way to rank on page 1 of Google. We produce great on-site content with guaranteed global news coverage to drive back links to it. This combination is the fastest traffic exploding secret known to digital marketers in 2022. 

SEO Agency
SEO Agency

Followed Back-Links from Global News Sites

Alongside incredible content that we craft on your website, we achieve guaranteed editorial coverage on global news sites through data driven publicity, analyzing trends to create statistically significant conclusions about various topics that we attach to your business to create a link profile that will be the envy of all.

Unconventional but proven SEO strategy to rank on Page 1 of Google

We unlock a steady flow of new customers utilizing organic search in a way you’ve never considered. It’s incredibly effective & simple to execute. 

1. Technical (But Boring) SEO
  • SEO audit
  • Page speed issues including mobile friendliness
  • Crawling & indexing issues
  • Schema Implementation
  • Provision of clear list of issues and recommendations along with priorities to be addressed by your web developer
  • Audit of the following: Robots.txt, Meta Robots Tag, XML Sitemap, Search Console, Internal Linking, Site Architecture, Crawl Errors, Broken Links, Duplicate Content, Redirection
  • SSL Audit and setup
  • Site Speed Test and Improvement Mobile Usability Test
  • Structured Data
  • Content Gap Analysis to ensure content is linkable
  • Working with Web Developers &Technical Team to rectify issues identifed in Audit
2. Compelling On-Page Content That Ranks & Converts
  • Keyword Prioritization
  • Title Tag Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Content Body Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Link Optimization
  • Thin Content Audit
  • Google My Business Listing (Creation and Optimization)
  • Local Schema Markup
  • Local Citation Acquisition
  • Link Building
  • Localization of On Page Elements
  • Organic Traffic Overview
  • Organic Conversion Analysis
  • Site Content Traffic Report
  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Data Interpretation and Recommendations
3. Global news sites provide links on a "relevancy" first basis.
  • We work on a “relevancy first” approach, rather than using domain authority as the prime metric. Our global news sites are internationally recognised and the news stories we publish about you are notable and geniune. 
  • Each backlink that we build is backed by research, keywords and quality content.
  • Links are built by white-hat techniques
  • Category Copywriting
  • Blog Article Writing
  • Detailed review of the website including current performance in keyword rankings and organic traffic.
  • Analysis of 3-5 primary search competitors based on keyword overlap and relevance.
  • Keyword research to find out niche-specific keywords important to our audience.
  • Manual segmentation of keywords to ensure maximum potential traffic.

Massive Online Exposure

A higher ranking from Google’s point of view positions a name and a logo above competitors in the same market. This in turn enables that operation to leverage their standing and cash in on the returns. Business brands essentially act to reflect how a company is viewed by society, business peers and sponsors.

Improve Your SEO Ranking, Get on Page 1 of Google & Explode Your Sales

The core part of our service that makes us unique are the news stories we publish on the best global news sites that have timely information about an organizational milestone pro tip on a topic in the news, business expansion or recent event, new service, or products. The news announcement must be mentioned in the headline as not everything is newsworthy. 

The backlinks we generate through these publications will skyrocket your SEO strategy and strengthen your domain authority!

Increase Google Rankings Guaranteed

One exceptional backlink will beat 1000 low quality links everytime. We don’t focus on vanity metrics. Rather, we use industry best practices to consistently gain placements on the most authoritative global news sites to provide rocket fuel to your website’s SEO program. 


We allow you to rank ahead of your competitors in Google Search through our proven SEO strategy in 2022. Our marketing strategy allows advertisers a “second bite of the cherry” targeting consumers with maximum purchase intent. 

Growth - $1,950

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Professional - $3,500

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Enterprise - $5,000

Monthly rate in USD. Cancel anytime*

Build Back-Links, Content, Traffic & Sales

Our proprietary practices are unlike anything you have seen before and we know exactly what it takes to get your business ranking well on Google, whether your brand is big or small. 

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A Guaranteed But Unconventional Way To Rank on Page 1 & Sell More

Let’s Make Awesome Things, Together.

Our incredible, sales funnel optimized on-site content highlights the unique selling propositions & benefits of your company, products and services. By writing news stories about similar content, based on keyword research, and linking back to the content in a natural way, your money makers start ranking on page 1 of Google. 

Massive Uplift In Page 1 Rankings For Your Biggest Money Makers

Stop relying on Google Ads & Social Media. Our proven strategy unlocks a new channel to market which drives traffic and sales for free. 

How We Get You On Page 1 (And Why It Matters)

“Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? On page two of Google”.

Each project is different, but this is a rough breakdown of our first 3 months. 

Getting Under The Hood
  • Acquire relevant account logins and WordPress CMS admin access.
  • Complete audit of Google/Bing Analytics and Google/Bing Ads conversion tracking
  • Complete audit of existing Google Ads account
  • Execute Google/Bing Ads account ‘quick wins’ changes for conversion uplift by applying findings from regression modelling
  • Commence SEO Audit
  • Audit and configure analytics and tracking
  • SEO copywriting review of top SEO landing page 
Content Built To Rank
  • Publish approved custom landing pages
  • Complete SEO Audit and keyword research / commence technical SEO optimisations across website (HTML meta tags, new landing pages, interlinking, alt tags, etc)
  • Set up Google Data Studio report.
  • First month performance review, recommendations and optimisation
  • Optimise landing page based on MTD performance data or set up additional landing page variation for month 3 testing
  • Write/publish new SEO content on top landing organic search landing pages
Global News Stories With Back Links
  • A barrage of news stories on high ranking global news sites. You pick how many per month. 
  • Back-links to your best content.
  • Continue SEO optimisations and monitoring across website
  • Account review and plan for next 3 months.
  • Write/publish new SEO content on top landing organic search landing pages

Guaranteed Page 1 Rankings

A shockingly effective, new and effective way to rank on page #1 of Google in the most competitive markets for the most profitable terms, guaranteed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee page one Google rankings in 90 days or we’ll continue working until we do for no additional fees. Our whole focus centres around increasing a client’s organic rankings in relevant search results by analyzing their industry and website to develop a suitable and effective SEO strategy that yields results. We cover on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. 

None of our clients have ever received a penalty from our SEO work. Not once, ever. 

We utilize our publicity service but on credible global news sites that provide follow back links to content on y0ur website that we create for the sole purpose of driving more leads and sales than before our commencement. 

We run our own enterprise level businesses with multiple page one rankings and billions of dollars of revenue generated for our clientele. Our team of in-house SEO specialists have decades of experience in ranking websites, including our own. 

We are technical SEO specialists, with the experience and know-how to rank on page on of Google search. 

If you find you are overly reliant on PPC, Social or Word of Mouth, SEO is an investment worth the effort. We have pioneered a technique that no one else can offer, and build your digital profile and levels of trust and credibility at the same time. 

We use several proprietary tools to build keyword lists around what your users search, and what drives the highest revenue and return on investment for your business. 

90 days or you don’t pay more. If we do not hit the agreed target in the specified time frame, we work for free until we do. 

By credit card, wire transfer or EFT. News stories are charged monthly, although you can cancel anytime before the next billing period. There are no lock-in contracts. 

Articles usually stay up for months or years, but in some cases publishers decide to remove them after publication. Provided we succeed in publishing your news story, there will be no refund if the story is removed

While there are no refunds, you can cancel anytime. Also if we fail to achieve page 1 rankings for agreed keywords within 90 days, we’ll work a further 90 days for free until we achieve what we promise. 

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